Monday, 28 March 2016

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WebDesignBestInClass is an A-size depot of website templates - more than 46,000 designs to choose from. Since coming up in May 2010, we've gone partners with Magento, Drupal, WordPress, PrestaShop, Joomla, WooCommerce, and many more. 1 million clients were served during this time.
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Never doubt that a group of talented designers and developers who love doing beautiful things together can change the online world. We have been in business for over a decade, and from the very start WebDesignBestInClass has reconsidered how a website gets done through a professional web template. Yes, you can pull off building a site on your own. But we know how to do website design which is powerful enough to get you started, and we can always be within your budget.
 We understand that our customers need an excellent product. Believing that a professional web template is still the best pattern for website creation, WebDesignBestInClass team is always challenged to work each website template to the max. But enough about us – Now let us talk about what you get.
Range of template price options Each product is available with several price options. You can choose Single Site, Developer’s or Buyout License depending on the goals you pursue. You can additionally order installation or hosting services.
Template customization services If you are not skilled in editing a template on your own, you can order customization services and we will change the content, color scheme, implement your logo and make other tweaks for you.
Powerful built-in features The second you bought a template, you will have access to many built-in features. We have more of them than anyone else, and they are all included into the template package with no hidden costs.
All source files included Getting a standard HTML template, CMS based theme, eCommerce web design or any other template from WebDesignBestInClass, you get all the source files within a template download package.
Free licensed stock photos We provide a range of 7-15 licensed stock photos with each template for free life-time usage within a particular template. So you get quality hi-res photos which are in tune with a theme category.
Free sample templates On our website you can find free samples to download and learn skills in working with any product type, before actually buying the product which might be the best fit for you.
Special offers and personalization We can personalize your purchase with a special offer or deal. This can be a designer’s bundle, some training course, hackers and spam protection pack, copyright protection service, or SEO boost offer.
Clear guidance on your purchase We can guide you in choosing a theme that is the best fit for your site. Also we will let you know where to go and what to do should something happen out of the ordinary or in case you have questions.

Sunday, 24 January 2016

Magento admin notice "Your web server is configured ......... hosting provider."

Here is solution to the issue, which comes in magento admin dashboard.
"Your web server is configured incorrectly. As a result, configuration files with sensitive information are accessible from the outside. Please contact your hosting provider."

Issue Explanation :-
The issue relates with easy access to configuration file by web, i.e.,  
And this should be made unreadable by web.

Solution :- 
Depending on server apache settings any of the following solution may work.
1. Try changing permissions of  app/etc/local.xml to 660. Then check if http://sitename/app/etc/local.xml shows forbidden(or access denied or any error) & then test magento admin dashboard if that error is gone.
2. In case 1 fails, then 
 Try changing permissions of  app/etc/local.xml to 600. Then check if http://sitename/app/etc/local.xml shows forbidden & then test magento admin dashboard if that error is gone. 
3. In case, 1 & 2 both fails then lets discuss it further with me, as there might any other security loophole that too has to be fixed.