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How to open Youtube in Pakistan?

You can  open Youtube in pakistan using the following link.

please click the below to use youtube..


Important Data Recovery Tips by: Holly Altman

File Recovery Services

Data recovery services can be an emergency situation. Of less importance of whether the device is repairable, the more concerning part is whether your important data, documents, and family pictures are able to be saved. All data recovery technicians and associated labs should be able to prove a consistent, reliable, and most of all industry trusted reputation.

Faulty Hard Drive

There can be two main reasons your data is in accessible - mechanical & non-mechanical. Mechanical failures are problems of the physical hard drive heads, platters, or even main board of the hard drive. For this there are two main services to perform. Firstly to repair the drive and try to get a read of the drive's contents. Secondly transfer the recovered data to a new drive. Non-Mechanical issues are usually whereby data has been corrupted, and/or there are bad sectors on the drive. Additionally other problems with the drive could lead to data access issues. For this repair type it I usual to attempt repair of the drive to a readable level, then start the recovery processes to obtain the drive's data.

Backup Software Tools

Current backups can be one of the most time and money saving assets when a data loss event happens. File recovery services can be mitigated with a recent backup and usually savings can be hundreds, and sometimes thousands of dollars with loss productivity and valuable documents. There exist many cloud (online) backup tools and also a simple USB portable hard drive can assist with some additional tools. If consistent changes are being completed on important documents it may not be convenient to keep a recent backup so consider arranging an Hotmail account and email the various dated versions to this account. This process will give you a dated archive as well as a current version in the case of a hard drive failure which can be ideal.

Estimated Recovery Prices

Generally a data recovery lab will be able to give you an idea of costs. A data recovery lab should be able to give you a general estimation of costs, or at least give an idea of what it could cost depending on what the issues are. Usually the cost is around $100-$250 for low level recoveries. $250-$700 for medium and upper level recoveries. With the top range of $700 and more for extensive damage to a drive and likely physical malfunctions of the hard drive itself. As always keep a back up to save you this expense and stress, and if you do have such a problem, call around to find a trusted repair centre in your area.

Proxy Site and how it Works

A proxy site is a web page that enables you to surf your favorite web sites even if your access to such web sites might be blocked by some content filter, for instance Web Sense (site name) or Smart Filter. Using such proxy site will keep your visit to those sites hidden so the content filter will not know that it was unsuccessful in blocking that visit.

So how do these sites work? In this short article we will explain...
Proxy sites allow you to browse blocked websites through proxy site bypassing the internet service provider. Proxy site do that by providing its user to key in the address of that website and be directed to the page in a window in that vary site. Now the advantage here is that this window is coded as the proxy site address and not the actual site address that the user is visiting. Also the information caught in the temporary internet files will appear as the related to the proxy site not the blocked web page.

So how these sites do are blocked in the first place. Web sites are blocked using a number of programs in particular the security software. These software works with the web browsers which let users to surf World Wide Web. Now days many web browsers are coming up with their own filters which keep the blocked content from appearing. In local area networks the system administrator can also block web sites on that network level. Ninja Proxy, Ninjaproxy and Vtunnel!!! Ninja Proxy is a free browser based anonymous proxy service.

So why should one run a free proxy site one guesses but if you look the financial aspects of such service. It’s because they are very simple to advertise and one can earn up to 10$ a day. But on the other hand the cost includes a server that would allow the proxy to run on them as using a shared host would not be able to hand the web traffic and go down in days. But still when you are managing web traffic through your proxy site the earning much more then any other ordinary web page.

The question come then what you need to run a proxy site. You would need a domain name, a virtual private server, proxy script like PHP proxy and last you would add an adsense (or your own name) and adbrite (or your own name) account. When you got the domain and virtual private server you need to download the script on to your virtual private server make the necessary configurations and upload the script. When you have register for an adsense (or your own name) and adbrite (or your own name) account then insert adsense in your index page and adrite on proxy pages. Do not insert adsense on the proxy pages because it’s against the terms of the use. And last Advertise more and more.

I’ve read several news articles about proxies and how they are being used by hackers all over the world, some employed by foreign governments, to get into millions of computer systems around the world. The goal is to create what they call a boot net which allows them to use all these computers to do all sorts of nefarious things from the safety of these millions of computers. All of this activity then points to the owners of the computers through their IP address and ISP.

Pay Per Click Search Engines Can Increase Website Traffic

Pay-per-click (PPC) search engines basically run the same way as a regular search engine with one exception. There is a catch and it’s a big one.When you list your business URL with a pay-per-click website you make a bid. The advertiser that makes the biggest bid lands the top spot in the search engine ranking.

What You Need to Supply as the Advertiser

* Links: This includes the URL, description and title.
* Keywords: Keywords or keyword phrases that apply to the search.
* Bids: The amount the advertiser will pay per click (this can vary depending on the keyword).

Why Placing the Highest Bid Works

First of all, after a keyword is entered into a search engine, websites are listed from the highest to the lowest bidder. Typically, higher bidders generate more traffic to their websites. Websites that are listed are referred to as ads.Once an ad is clicked the advertiser pays the host search engine.

PPC Affiliates

If you don’t like the idea of having to pay the host every time someone clicks your link, there is another option available.Many PPC’s have affiliate programs where they offer a monetary incentive to affiliate partner websites. The affiliates are paid for performance. Merchants are not required to pay affiliates that do not make any sales.

Sponsored links or sponsored ads appear on the search results page, usually at the top. These ads must match the keywords typed into the search engine. Three popular PPC providers are Yahoo! Search Marketing, Google AdWords and Microsoft adCenter.

The Downside
Some contend that there is a downside to PPC advertising because they think paid for results are bogus due to the fact that they are paid for.

Send SMS Text Message From Your Computer

If you are completely text chatter, who frequently keep sending the messages at requires the text services at most! Than it is aright place for you, as it is not required to check and copy paste text and send via your PC. Send SMS text message from your computer trouble free and at bulk in lesser time. Basically the feature that enables text SMS send convenient via PC is downloading the software for the same. Check online the most appropriate software that avails the most affordable, user friendly software to send messages in bulk via using computer.

With the developing website services and online applications it have become much more easier to stay connected to your friends, family and loved ones at any corner in entire globe. Make the conversation easier and give your contact a better direction using the software for SMS text message via your computer. The usage of computer for messaging the text is techno adept is simpler and is as well as a time savior.Certain advantages are awaited to be utilized at the most frequent manner that can enhance the messaging frequency, amount and save easily any kind of wastage as mentioned beneath:Compatible, provides a very user friendly approach for sending SMS text message from your computer.Trouble free excess makes it simpler to handle and there helps in reducing the wastage.

Bulk SMS in lesser time, it is more essential as many times much text remains unanswered as you lack with time. But it is necessary to be in frequent communication with your loved ones that is simply possible via this software anytime any place and at any corner of the world.

Affordable, it provides much better cost investment as the efficient usage via bulk SMS and text message it saves time and also helps saving the cost consumed via other general traditional styles, while SMA t5ext message via computer is handy and more efficient on the cost purpose as well.

Some better know-how for better execution of the incredible send SMS text message from your computer that can avail better direction are as underneath:

Selection of application: It is something that makes the entire story complete is selection of application that provides the functions and services as per you choose an application. So whenever certain software is med download take care of the factors that are essential for the usage and make a search of application as per usage or it will be hindrance for latter.

Appropriate registration, to get active for the services it is essential to sign up or register under the chosen application and make you of the application software service to stay connected anywhere and at any instance of time.

Some applications are also available that avails the sending SMS cost free but later charges the money for incoming messages reply. Better could be to go through the terms and conditions entirely and then download and sign up to get saved from misinterpretation.

Amazingly striking feature of text message application could save the entire trouble of every-time typing the contact number and eye on entire contact list. Check the driveling opportunity and make the best out of it. Acquire send SMS text message from your computer with time-cost savvy benefactor and that too being techno adept at the most pacing technological gadget.

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How To Memorize Words

One of the first steps we take when learning a language, be it our mother tongue as children, or a foreign language later on in life, is expanding our vocabulary by memorizing words (usually nouns and adjectives at first). Memorizing is done naturally when we're living in an environment that forces that particular language on us (such as our homes as children, or as visitors in a foreign country) but it can also be "forced" through several methods. The following article will try to present some of these methods that could help you learn how to memorize words faster when learning a foreign language. 


Flashcards are the basic tools for word memorizing and although they are used mostly with small children, they can also be useful for grown-ups when learning a new foreign language. Basically, a flashcard is a piece of carton containing an image of a noun (usually nouns, although they can oftentimes contain colors, actions and so forth) with the appropriate word describing it and possibly, a small text that explains what the object is. They are a good way to take your first step into the vocabulary of the foreign language you are learning and they can be fun to use together with your children.
Using Mnemonic Links:
A mnemonic is generally described as an abbreviation or a symbolic representation that helps humans memorize a certain "something" easier. Mnemonics are used to enhance and develop the assimilation of data into memory and there's no better use to them than in learning a new language. Since when you're gradually building your new vocabulary for the new language you will inevitably translate and think those words out in your mother tongue, you can use such a mnemonic to make this translation easier to memorize. For example if you've just learn how to say "seaside" in the foreign language you're studying, imagine a picture of the seaside and then switch back between the native and foreign language words of what you're seeing. The image, which is easier to remember than a word, will act as an intermediate between the two languages.

Memory Enhancement Medication:

There are several natural supplements out there that help you memorize stuff faster and for a longer period of time, as well as help with concentration during the learning process. Some of the herbs that are known to have a memory enhancing effect include Ashwagandha, Reishi, Ginseng, Bacopa, Mucuna Pruriens or Fo-Ti. Ginseng is one of the most popular in the list and it is widely used as a supplement in language learning classes as well as generally used by students before exams or during the school year. There are no side effects to these herbs but you might be allergic to one, so it is best if you visit your medic before taking any of them, asking if you are allowed or not to start a long or short-term memory enhancement plan.
There are also several vitamins and nutrients that could help out with memorizing new words, the list including: carnitine, lecitine, carnosine, choline, inositol, tyrosine and several others, but these are not the point of our discussion.