Friday, 30 November 2012

Techniques for Better Learning

Before you start cramming for the next mid term take a few minutes and think about how you are going about learning the criteria. Many think that learning is learning, which it is, but there are a couple things you can do to help your self absorb the knowledge better. One simple thing to do is to be in a calm relaxing place for you to study in. Cluttered rooms contribute unorganized thinking. Take time to organize an area in which you are comfortable in. Relaxing is a major key in being able to process the information in a beneficial manner. Do whatever you need to do in order for you to be comfortable. Light a few candles, stretch, or take a few deep breathes. Also you should plan some time out so you will not be bothered.

Another thing that will help out a lot is meditating before a study session. Meditation is used widely in many different contexts. It has been used all throughout history in religious and non religious traditions including in trying to reach a high level of consciousness or enlightenment. Meditation is a process of focusing the mind on a single object and to not allow for any distraction. It is also described as a state of consciousness when there are no scattered thoughts or diverse patterns. In terms of using it to learn it is a very useful tool. Think about it like this, your brain is like a muscle and needs to stretched and warmed up to properly function to it fullest potential. Meditating allows you to calm the brain and clear it of thoughts. This makes it possible to think about something with much more efficiency and clarity. The brain will then be able to process and ingest the information and it's as simple as just sitting down closing your eyes and clearing your mind of thoughts.

Every think to yourself, "Wow I really am good at this." Well you should more often if you don't. Just by believing in yourself increases you're potential to learn more efficiently. Positive thought is without a doubt one of the easiest ways to help you learn. Also having a good attitude about wanting to learn is needed. If you do not want to learn then you are going to have a hard time doing anything. The positive thoughts and attitudes will not only help you with increasing your learning potential but it will also set you up for a good life.

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Satellite Internet: Truckers Are Not Lonely

The profession of a heavy duty Truck driver is commendable. Not everyone can do a similar kind of job. They have to spend countless hours on the long open highway having no one to talk except to others who are doing a similar kind of work. But now, the scenario of their sufferings have somewhat alleviated with the advent of satellite internet. Particularly when it has become more affordable, the highway need not be so lonely for them everywhere.

Internet has always been the best means of communication that has gained immense popularity with the advancement of time with friends and loved ones who are far away from you. However, this mode of communication has so far been denied for those truckers who spend most of their lives away from their dear ones, thus making it hard to maintain strong bonds and ties. But thanks to the advent of satellite internet, now they have the liberty of a whole spread of communications to choose from. Satellite internet has now enabled them to send emails, send instant messages, use the internet facility to make calls and even they can do video conferencing for a real face-to-face conversation.

Truck drivers can also update their knowledge on current affairs and keep them on even with the day to day happenings around the globe and also know what is happening at his local community by accessing various news website through the Satellite Internet. And moreover, each and every media companies have their own websites which is updated regularly and frequently. If they plan to take a break after a long stretch, he could even entertain himself by different means through satellite internet. Satellite internet allows truckers not only to access tons of online movies and to keep them entertained; they can even play some games online. He even could start a part time job or career as an online poker player or blackjack, make some quick bucks and retire early. With the innumerous media out there in the World Wide Web, Satellite Internet is synonymous to endless entertainment. The best part is, most of them are absolutely free and you don't have to download anything as they can be streamed directly to your computer.

Having access to satellite internet is very handy when it comes to issues related to work. At anytime you can check the weather before you gets trapped in a storm or hurricane. You also can have access to satellite maps which will be useful if you take a wrong turn and an escape route or an alternative route needs to be found. There are websites which cater specifically to truckers alone such as the American Trucking Association website, Trucker Passions, etc.

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Interview Techniques


Talk to your Elisjones Consultant and find out about the company offering the position, its job specification and the skills and experience required.

Do your Homework. Research the company. Check out their website, find out about their products and services. Compare your skills and experience against the job specification.

Make a note of any special skills or experience you have that matches the job specification that can validate your selection for the job.

Make a list of questions to ask the interviewer. Always let the interviewer know that you have researched their website, and tell them you have some additional questions. (Talk to your Elisjones consultant about the sort of questions that would be appropriate at this point.)

Plan your travel to the interview. Ideally arrive ten minutes early so that you arrive relaxed. (If taking public transport, take the earlier train or bus to allow for cancellations.)

Present yourself as the person you want to be. Look professional – smart, tidy and clean. For corporate positions wear a classic dark suit (including jacket) – make sure it is pressed and clean. Avoid sandals, sling back shoes and sneakers. Avoid unnecessary adornments like rings, bracelets and chunky earrings.

Be prepared to answer situational or behavioural questions related to the role. (Ask your Elisjones consultant if you are unsure.) For example for a customer service position you could be asked: "Can you tell me how you would handle a difficult customer who has a complaint."

Know your strengths and weaknesses. Prepare yourself ahead – many of our weaknesses are also our strengths – so tell your interviewer this. For example – 'attention to detail' can be a strength and a weakness – it can slow you down if overdone. Avoid saying that you don't have weaknesses. We all have them, so this wouldn't be credible.

The Interview Itself

You have arrived at the interview location on time, well dressed and well prepared and your mobile phone turned off.

- Greet the interviewer with a friendly smile and a firm hand shake.

- Most interviewers will then endeavour to put you at ease by having a general chat prior to asking you questions.

Speak at a normal pace. Avoid speaking too fast. (Some people speak fast when they are nervous – be aware of this and slow your speech if necessary.)

Always look at the interviewer – keep eye contact as much as possible. Try to smile, as this relaxes you. Do not cross your arms. Lean forward slightly and show interest in the job.

Phrase responses in positive terms – avoid negatives. This presents you as an optimist rather than a pessimist. Answer questions in short descriptive phrases without waffling. Be precise and clear with your answers.

If you completed your preparation, you should now know how to answer your strengths and weaknesses if asked. Similarly you should be prepared for any behavioural or situational questions having checked with your EJ Consultant.

Closing the Interview

Avoid asking about remuneration until the end of the interview. Allow time for the interviewer to approach the subject first. Initially answer the question by saying - for example - "I believe the market range is $60-$65,000". The reason for this is to allow the employing company to commit itself first with a guideline figure.

If an offer is made at the interview, and you are keen to accept the job – do so. However, if you are unsure – or you need to discuss the position further with your Consultant or partner, confirm your interest in the job and tell the interviewer that you would like to discuss the offer with your partner (or consultant) first before accepting.

If a job offer isn't made – ask for the Job. Don't be worried if the job is not offered immediately as there could be others to be interviewed.

Where the interviewer brings the interview to an end thank the interviewer for their time (and for the job offer – if made). Confirm your interest in the job.

Ring your Elisjones consultant and discuss any queries you have about the position that needs to be clarified. Provide feedback of your interest or otherwise in the position as soon as possible after the interview. Remember it is best if the consultant has your feedback before talking to the employer regarding their response. It demonstrates your enthusiasm for the role.


If you "forget" to turn off your mobile phone – ignore it and apologise to your interviewer – do not ask can you answer it.

Do NOT chew gum.


Sell yourself.

Remember you are a person with good skills and experience that fits the job on offer. (Your Elisjones consultant has already matched your skills and experience.) Your Consultant believes in you – now believe in yourself.

Types of Plastic

Plastics play a vital and key role in our lives. With the increasing utilization of plastic products, new forms of plastic are coming into market day by day. Plastics are divided into two basic types: Thermoplastics and Thermosetting plastics.

Plastic has become increasingly important in our everyday lives. With so many different types of plastics, products meeting a broad range of consumer needs are available. They are organic polymers, which mean they are made of large chain like molecules that contain carbon. These polymers are molded into plastic state.

Basically, large chainlike molecules are created by hooking together short-chain molecules. The precise process used to create this change, however, results in different types of plastics. Primarily there are two types of plastics. One called thermoplastics and the other as thermosetting plastics. You can get more information about types of plastic at

Thermoplastic are also known as a thermosoftening plastic, is a polymer that turns to a liquid when heated and freezes to a very glassy state when cooled sufficiently. Most thermoplastics are high molecular weight polymers whose chains associate through weak Van der Waals forces.

While thermosetting plastic, also known as a thermoset, is polymer material that irreversibly cures. The cure may be done through heat (generally above 200 °C (392 °F)), through a chemical reaction, or irradiation such as electron beam processing. Scrap created when thermoset plastics are processed, therefore, must be discarded or used as filler in other products. Thermoset plastics are supplied to manufacturers in liquid form or a solid molding powder that has been partially polymerized. They can be formed into their desired shape with or without pressure and heat or chemicals can be used to polymerize them.

Oddly enough, the line is not clearly drawn between thermoplastics and thermosets. In fact, some types of plastic are made as a combination of the two.

These two forms of Plastics are further classified into Polyvinyl chloride, Polyethylene, Polypropylene which are thermoplastics and Polystyrene, Polyurethane, Bakelite etc are examples of thermosetting plastics which cannot be remolded.

Education Career - 7 Steps to Success in Education

A career in education is what many people are pursuing of late because of the multiple benefits that come with the job. To be successful in education, one requires certain innate qualities. People who possess these have a natural knack for teaching and a special bond with students that enrich their life and make their work so much more than just a job. a good teacher is one who not only teaches, but one who inspires and is able to affect the minds and lives of the students. It is the teacher’s responsibility to ensure that his/her students acquire more than just textbook knowledge and that they are able to a long way in life. A good teacher is one is makes education a fun learning experience and the student si able to take away something that will stand him in good stead all his life.

To be successful in the field of education, one requires a certain something that will allow him to make an impression on the minds of those he is teaching. He needs to make the subject come alive for the student and keep him interested and eager for more.

A teacher must have in him/her a thirst for knowledge and a desire to find out more. This is what will make him/her stand out and inspire in his students the same lust for learning. There is nothing that beats the desire to gather more knowledge and this is what sets apart a good teacher from a mediocre one.

To enter the field of education, you need to have the required degrees. Different levels of teaching jobs have different requirements. To teach in schools you need a special degree in education that will help you understand the minds of students and various teaching techniques.

If you want to teach at the levels of graduation or post graduation, you need a Bachelor’s as well as Master’s degree. A Ph.D might also help you bag a job in a university. A teaching job at a university is a much coveted one and can work miracles for your career.

A school career might also be a great option if you want some time to yourself. The pay will depend on whether the school is a government or a private one. The payment is substantially more when it is a private enterprise. However a government job has the added advantage of job security and fewer hours.

Once you have entered a teaching job, try to inspire the minds of your students. Encourage them to think out of the box. Impress upon them that the textbook is not the last word. If only can you inspire your students to think on their own can you live to the responsibility that a teacher has towards his students.

You can also pursue an online education career. This opens up a whole new vista of opportunities. Planning your education career can get you far and help you become a noted professor in your chosen field.