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  1. Walls Marketing Plans and Project                                  Download
  2. Online University System                                                 Download
  3. Habib Oil company                                                             Download
  4. Unilever company complete project                                Download   
  5. UPL Brand Pages                                                                Download
  6. Network Data Processing  of sensor networking                Download
  7. Plagiarism detector                                                             Download
  8. Quran Search Engine                                                          Download
  9.  Database system  of Library                                            Download
  10. Student information system                                              Download
  11. Scientific Calculator in Java                                               Download
  12. Library System                                                                   Download
  13. Online job portal project in java                                        Download
  14. ATM Simulator                                                                   Download
  15. Computer History                                                               Download 
  16. Patient Manmanagement System                                    Download 
  17. MultiMedia Mining                                                             Download 
  18. EBM(English Biscuits Manufactures)                                           Download 
  19. Fast Food -Email System                                                               Download
  20. Unilever company Report                                                               Download

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