Sunday, 10 November 2013

Caretaker of 'The Palm' isles of Dubai

 50 000.00 AED                  Dubai

dubai tourism
Dubai offers the job of their life to 10 lucky persons across the world
Ad details :
Dubai Municipality is looking for 10 adventurers to live the job of their life for 1 year! the candidates will have to be in charge of maintaining the site clean, diving, taking pictures on a daily basis and reporting to several departments. Monthly package is 50k/aed per month in a tax free country.Package includes visa and relocation package.All nationalities are welcome no CV needed, just tell us why you should get the best job in the world. Successful candidates will be announced in a month time.

Friday, 1 November 2013

Name Game Challenge

Name Game Challenge free downloand

Name Game the exciting and challenging Name game that pits you against your friends or other opponents to Name the Song Title, Musician, Athlete, Mascot Name, Television Show,Movie, Actor or Actress. But you have to hurry only 120 seconds, points awarded for speed and length of name. Rules are simple pick your category, Challenge an opponent, enter a name/Song/Movie Title using the last initial that your opponent used for your first name.
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Name Game Challenge free downloand