Monday, 24 March 2014

The World Currency A New Innovation

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Introducing The World Currency (favicon1WLD). The World Digital Currency is a new era, a new innovation in online transaction. Compare to other digital currency where you need an outside company to secure your “coins”, where it take long time to confirm a transaction, where you can loose your “coins” if your wallet operator close,  here with The World Currency no outside company is responsible to secure your “coins” or be your wallet.
Everything is encrypted on The World Currency network and it’s only your responsibility to keep secure your World Dollar (favicon1WLD).  In a matter of seconds your transaction can be confirm and for any transaction between 2 favicon1WLD owner there are no fees, its totally free.
With the introduction of the Unique Key Code, you can create a transaction of the amount of your choose and give it like paper money to anyone. There is no transaction history or personal information transferred and all transactions are encrypted which only the owner can see, or use the standard payment system which is very similar of any other online payment system.
You are a website owner and want to start accepting The World Currency ? The integration is very simple, you can use any payment plugin and adjust it to accept The World Currency.

Create your own favicon1WLD account Please  Click here

Monday, 3 March 2014

Short Review on

Today I want to share with you short review on
Since 2005, Magnetic Sponsoring has been committed to helping entrepreneurs succeed in the direct sales industry.
Their world famous “Magnetic Sponsoring Boot Camp Video Newsletter” has been delivered to over 500,000 people from all around the world.
  Their Mission:
“Developing leaders and empowering entrepreneurs to realize and fulfill their highest potential.”
Their Core Values:
Their core values guide our every decision and define our unique culture here at Magnetic Sponsoring.
1. Always deliver overwhelming value and outstanding service
2. Integrity, authenticity, and accountability are absolutely paramount
3. Pursue excellence through education and innovation
4. Foster a spirit of fun, family, and friendship
5. Live our lives with purpose and work passionately toward our goals

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